Impact Performance Golf Instructors

Mike Abate; PGA

Director of
(704) 490-0229

Mike Abate is a PGA Golf Professional in the Carolinas Section. Mike turned Professional in 2000 and has played in numerous PGA sanctioned and Carolinas Section events. Not only is Mike an accomplished player, but he has also been nominated multiple times for the Carolinas PGA Player Development and Youth Player Development awards.

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Mike’s passion, knowledge, and continuing education for golf have allowed him to be a well respected teacher and mentor of the game. With his ability to cultivate the game of golf, teach the game of golf to youth, and operate the Impact Performance Golf Learning Center is one of the unique features that differentiates his programs from many other successful programs. My goal is to help the student improve and have fun in the process. A successful teacher is actually a great listener and learner. My students teach me how to teach them. 

Mike grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania and was captivated by the game at the age of 14. Following High School golf, Mike was a two time NJCAA All-American and then played his final two years of College Golf at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina. While playing for the Queens University golf team, Mike was the team’s MVP for two seasons, team Captain his Senior Year, and medalist at one event. The experience and time Mike spent at Queens University has given him the knowledge and confidence needed in today’s business world.

Mike began his golf career in 2000 as an assistant golf professional, then as the Director of Golf with the NIKE Golf Learning Centers. Following this advancement Mike was the Director of Golf for The First Tee Program of The Lake Norman Region. In late 2009 Mike became the founder of the Youth Golf Foundation of North Carolina at Mooresville Golf Club. Mike is currently the Director of Instruction of the Impact Performance Golf Learning Center at Charles T. Myers Golf Club

With his ability to promote and cultivate the game of golf, operating the Impact Performance Golf Learning Center is an inspiring step in his career. Michael currently resides in Concord with his wife Allison, daughter Caroline, son Nicholas, and dog “Chewy.”

Mike is a current member of the Nike Golf Staff and endorses TaylorMade Golf equipment and BridgeStone Golf Balls.

Whether the student is a participant of the Impact Performance Golf Learning Center or an individual student, all students start off with a self-paced improvement path built on coaching while their goals come first. The objective is to measure the skill level of players. Provide advice and strategies for improving swing techniques and fundamentals. Establish an appropriate, balanced, and challenging competitive schedule and training regimen. At select locations, patented golf lesson technology including advanced cameras, motion sensors, and teaching aids make the evaluation fact-based, accurate and consistent with a Professional Tour database supplying reliable swing comparisons and concepts.

• Understand the full swing technique.
• Learn how to apply fundamentals from tee to green
• Experience positive change.
• Maintain your game under positive practice techniques

James Bristol

Assistant Golf Professional | IPGLC Certified
(704) 930-1873

Golf is a game for all ages, I took the challenge of the game at 35 years old. My addicting experience came 3 months after picking up my first club, at the Marine Corps Base Championship, I shot a 75, 2 over PAR. The excitement from that event hooked me on the game. Sinking putts has its rewards but often the memory of connecting with my Friends has made a deeper impression. The connections and memories we create as golfers are far richer than the scores we make as individuals.

Jeremiah Cooper

IPGLC Certified Instructor Jeremiah Cooper

Jeremiah Cooper, aka Coach Jerm or Coach J, is an avid golf instructor with over 20+ years of experience in the sport. Jeremiah is a 2016 graduate from Tennessee State University, a historically black college and university in Nashville, TN with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He has competed in junior golf tournaments, an alumnus and 2012 graduate of the Frist Tee program, and has been a Head Coach and Site Director for First Tee. His favorite thing about coaching is taking part in the growth of a player’s confidence in their game. Coach Jerm looks forward to working with all ages and levels!

Issac Lee

Assistant Golf Professional | PGA Apprentice & IPGLC Certified Instructor

(704) 536-1692


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After graduating from the Professional Golfers Career, Hilton Head SC , I took the Play Ability Test (P.A.T) My journey after retiring from the Marines brought me to Ratcliffe Golf Services, Charles T Myers Golf course. Since joining the team in 2013, I have taught over 1000 plus lessons. I am excited to combine my joy for the game, with a passion to create a learning environment which includes the exploration of the golf swing and the hunger to continuously develop as a golfer. At the forefront of my coaching is a desire to keep the conversation flowing. At the same time, I appreciate the spirit of “paying it forward” and continue to equip younger students with the problem-solving skills and confidence to manage the dynamic and rewarding landscape of the game.

James’s introduction to the game of golf is a unique and interesting story. He took up the game later in life at the age of 35, learning to play at Camp Lejeune while stationed there as a Marine. After playing only 3 months, James was able to shoot a 2 over par 75 which is an exceptional feat for a beginning golfer. The excitement from this round of golf meant he was hooked for life. Upon retiring from the Marines James decided to follow his passion, attending the Professional Golfers Career College in Hilton Head, SC where he became an expert in teaching the game to others. James has been a valuable member of the team at Charles T. Myers since 2013, and when he’s not on the lesson tee you’ll find him working in the golf shop or playing golf.

James has taught over 1000 lessons during his time at Impact Performance Golf, and he continues to create and nourish the connection he has with all students. He embodies a “pay it forward” demeanor and continues to equip students with the problem-solving skills and confidence it takes to play your best golf. James’s fulfillment comes from helping younger students learn the fundamentals of golf while instilling a hunger to develop in all areas of life.

Matt Wade

IPGLC Certified Instructor | Marketing
(919) 307-5185

Being an avid student of the game of golf, this passion has led me to a career in the industry for over 10 years. Growing up in Alabama, my love for the game began to develop when I acquired my first job as a cart attendant at the age of 15. I began to study the game and observe Teaching Professionals, which led to my future decision to attend the Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach, SC. At the Golf Academy of America.

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While in school, I was able to work closely with multiple Master PGA Professionals and other PGA Professionals who provided me with valuable knowledge in all aspects related to golf. Since graduating Golf Academy of America, I have worked my way from cart attendant to Golf Professional, with mentorship from many PGA Professionals along the way.

As a continuous student of the game of golf, it is my passion to teach this fascinating game to others.

Teaching Philosophy:

From beginner to PGA Tour Pro, the success of all golf shots is determined by one single moment, the moment of impact. At impact, the path the club head is traveling, and the angle of the club face is what determines how a ball flies. And consistency at the moment of impact is what determines the skill level of a golfer.

My golf instruction is based around these facts. I believe that improving at this game is more about how consistently you deliver club head to ball, and less about how you got there. A golf swing is simply a series of movements that deliver the club head to impact, the more these movements complement each other the easier they will be to repeat. When working with a student my main goal is to help students develop a reliable series of movements that’s complimentary to each students’ goals, skill level, physical attributes, and natural swing tendencies.

The first step to improving at golf is to establish the key fundamentals like grip, aim, setup, and routine. These pre-swing fundamentals facilitate consistency at impact, and they are the foundation of a repetitive golf swing. Once proper fundamentals begin to form, we will consolidate the students natural swing tendencies to create more efficiency in movement and a more predictable ball flight. The value you receive from our lesson will be evident in your lower scores, providing you with more enjoyment from the game.